Embodied Being 

Guidance for self-healers


Since you have found your way here, chances are high that you have embarked upon the warriors journey of self-healing. A journey of meeting and dismantling the parts of self that we once needed to be in order to survive this life. We, the self-healers, are the light-workers of our time. The modern day medicine men and woman who are here to help the collective return home to love. Just as we have. This journey is a remembering of who we truly are, a conscious embodying of truth and shedding of what isn't.


It's a re-claim of our sovereignty and freedom.

Krissy knows this path intimately and is a guide and mentor for the process.

She's an attuned energetic channel who understands herself to be clairsentient and claircognizant — a finely-tuned intuitive and master of her own path of healing — serving clients on their own journey in. Whether you are learning to navigate your pain body, shadow self, sensitive nature or simply are starting to get curious about what makes you, you— Krissy has support for your process!