Get The F*ck Out Of Your Own Way —You're Here to Do Big Things!

Publication on The Urban Howl

When I stopped seeing amazing souls who I admired, as anything different than what I am, I melted away the resistance in me — melted a belief that I didn’t belong exactly where I really did belong.

Which is standing right beside them all.

Making my own mark in this world.

Doing my own damn thing.

Just like them.

Creating my own legacy to leave behind.

Joining the tribe of crazy, soulful, change-makers and vibration raisers.


And yes, you too!

First, we need to see and move through any thoughts — and subsequent blocks that those thoughts create — that we are not meant to do big things. That we aren’t just like the ones we admire, when the truth is, we are.

But we forget just how big we are when we get too comfortable living small. Living mediocre — often what’s considered normal, or even expected of us.

Maybe it’s time to start getting damn uncomfortable and embracing some change. To move beyond the so-called normal and societal expectations that mostly serve society, but not us. To start doing that thing that has been pulling you to do, but you’re convinced you can’t.

I’m convinced you can! And should.

The only reason you aren’t doing it is because of that dirty little belief that you can’t. Or that we think we aren’t meant to live bigger, when we so are!

How many times has a belief stopped you from doing big things? Is it time to stop admiring the ones doing big things and start seeing that we can do big things, too? Yes.

Yes, it is. The time is now.

I followed so many people who were doing huge things — outside-the-box things. Living lives that gave them freedom from working for anyone else but themselves, until one day I’m like, “Damn, it’s time to create my own movement too.”

I wondered to myself — why am I not?

What I loved in them, I learned, lives in me too. The only difference is that they have accessed it and I hadn’t. But I saw that I could. So I stepped towards this realization.

Those people we are drawn to, admire, feel almost bigger by being around, or find ourselves submerging into what they are bringing? These are the people put on our path to help us see how incredible not only they are, but also the hidden truths of how awesome we are.

We see in them what we are, we look into the mirror of their doings and see the longing for our own. These folks also tend to highlight any and all insecurities that have us

believing we aren’t ready to unleash, or aren’t meant to live this bigger way of living.

The stepping outside the box isn’t something we do — but we can when we see the invitation this is to realize such truth. We are all just as “big” and just as incredible as the ones we admire and are drawn to. We belong in any space that any of these people happen to be.

They are there because they learned to believe this truth about themselves. Probably starting in this exact space of being curious about what that something bigger might be for us, and then going for it.

We are all the same at our core — creative creatures with unique gifts to share. The only thing that stops anyone from being all they ever dreamed of, that stops us from sharing our gifts — is a belief that we aren’t meant to.

But we are.

We are meant to create change, bring forth and live from our creative self, and defy all that society has suggested we be. And if for any second that feels untrue, I ask you this:

Is there any room to get curious that maybe you are wrong? Maybe that belief is the only resistance to your next stage.

What if? What would you do today to challenge any limiting beliefs? What would you do today if you believed you can do anything you want with this life?

Well, you can. So what are you going to do?

Admire and love all the people doing big things, the ones who are living from their hearts and creative selves, but remember — you’re here to do big things too!

First, you need to get the fuck out of our own damn way by seeing the little lies and beliefs that pop up along the way. Which is anything that discourages you from the truth of that statement.

You are here to do big things.

You were born to do the big things, that only you can do.