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Answering the Creative Call—Particularly to Write.

Whatever creative thing that is calling you to go do, please - go do it!

As often and as many times as you can.

So many of us have these things we love to do but we either stop doing them, never start doing them or sometimes do them and question — why am I doing them?

Seems odd but I know from experience what it feels like to be drawn to what I love, and at the same time question the time I put into it or what I'm really doing.

When we engage in something creative, it feels amazing but we also have that little voice inside our head that can mock us too.

Today, this message is targeted at all those who feel specifically feel called to write.

I've had an influx of humans reach out, and want to talk about their desire to write, and I get excited about this.

As do they, yet at the same time they sit in resistance to it, listening to the voice inside their head.

A voice I like to call our, fear-voice.

It can say things like;

"Who do you think you are? A writer? You're not a writer, I mean come on - what are you going to do with this writing anyway? No one will read it. No one cares about your story. You don't even know how to write."

So so so so sooooo wrong.

Here's a little, yet huge secret, from my writing heart to yours...

First - we are all writers, annnnnnnd we have unlimited content too.

Your story, the very things you are considering writing about, needs to come out of you.


Because we all have a story to share and sharing our story has many benefits.

Here's a few;

1.) It's healing for us: When we put our experiences into words, it starts a flow of healing. We do not need to know what the whole piece is going to look like. In fact we can't. It's impossible. It doesn't even need to be a, piece. All we need to know is that the little voice inside your head asking you to write, is there for a huge reason. More than we understand at first. And we don't need to. Just write. Write down all the things that are asking to come out. Because that's just it — writing is a gateway for so much to come out. So much to be processed internally while we go through the process of writing. It's free therapy. Write for you first and foremost, otherwise the writing won't be authentic, and the healing aspect of it — won't be as beneficial.

2.) It's healing for others (as a bi-product). When we write from that space of authenticity, working through our thoughts that become words on a screen, and then even choose to share our story, it just might blow your mind how many people out there will resonate. There are so many people who need to read your words. Even if it's just one human. We are all humans going through our human experiences and often feel alone, misunderstood and like the only human going through shit. But we are not and like magic when we see or read about someone who has experienced the things we have too, but hadn't really talked about or been able to even put into words, mad shifts happen for them. There's a whole community of people waiting for your words, I promise you.

3.) We all have a story to share; We are all living content. So much content. In fact, I feel, we are all here on this earth to live our stories and then to share our stories. We all have a story to share that is of growth, pain and most likely, triumph to some measure. Even if the triumph part hasn't been reached, the story is still there, and deciding to write it will help one through to the other side of the things we face. In fact, to be completely honest - writing helped save my life. For serious! I started writing during a time in my life when I didn't want to live. I wrote for me to help myself get a hold on what was happening to me. It became a sacred space of self love, a space to process emotions and pain that was crushing me at the time.

So whether it's writing, videos, music, or whatever it is that you love to do that provides you a creative outlet, that is an invitation to share your story in some way, but if the voices inside your head are pulling you away, sit for a minute and find your heart.

It's that intuitive voice that might be a bit quieter but is surely in there too, as it was the first one to speak up.

Listen to that one!

There is no right or wrong way to create, no story that shouldn't be told and when we are reminded of that, perhaps it's the extra nudge needed.

Answer that creative call.

And share your story.

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