• Krissy VanAlstyne

Dear Creative Types—This One’s for You.

All children are Artists.

The problem is how to remain an Artist once he grows up”.

—Pablo Picasso

It's challenging to live in alignment with our creative self...

To really live and express from our heart—keeping that once free, creative child, alive and thriving within our adult life. Creating and playing, turning what we love into a way of living. A way of being.

This is often known as the—struggle, of an artist.

Taking our creative nature and bringing it to life. Walking the fine line between living in our divinity, connecting to source, in and around, yet needing to ground it all down to earth, at the same time.

Harvesting the nuggets from inside our soul, often what remains after experiencing pain and suffering. Transforming something horrific into something beautiful that we like to call, our art.

Words written on paper, paint thrown on canvases, musical notes placed in specific order—all telling a personal story of individual sacredness.

Then, us creative types, the artists, take these sacred parts of our being, our art, and put them on display for the world to see, to judge, or more hopefully so, to have people connect with. It can feel like little segments of our heart being peeled away and offered to the lion’s den. Wondering which beast will misinterpret the offer, ripping it to shreds, or which beast might see and use the art as food, to nourish its soul.

Which is the real offering that art is—food to feed the souls of those who are able to digest its message.

Art, is soul food.

Not just in the offering, but for the artist who is offering it, as well. Artists are hungry beasts, who need to eat. We eat by creating the art that we do. We must feed the creative hunger every day which isn’t always easy but is absolutely necessary for a creative being to feel alive in their very soul.

In order to create, to eat, to thrive, to feed the beast within, we must refuse to cave under the pressures around us by people who cannot make sense of the journey. We must stay focused on our art, on feeding the insatiable hunger to create and move beyond anyone who isn’t encouraging our pursuit to do so. We are motivated by our hearts, living in a world that is motivated by far too many, heart-less things and we can feel the contrast of this reality, deeply.

We’re people who will break away from the norm, following things inside that are telling us to go, to be free of any restraint that tries to tie or slow us down. To explore uncharted direction because something in us, knows we must.

It can mean living lives that aren’t considered normal or that aren’t certain from one week to the next. Even from one day to the next. It also means facing rejections from people who have the power to take our art, this soul food of ours, to bigger audiences.

That one can be challenging.

Not necessarily because of being rejected, it goes deeper than that. It’s having to listen to people who think we should change our art as a result, in order to have it fit. This can be a danger zone and what added to my motivation to write this.

Any person who is screening art that suggests we make certain changes to our piece, in order to have it fit, is encouraging the way this world works—asking in a silent, yet not so silent way, to conform to a mold.

But that's not how art works. Or how creative minds work. Artists must be free to create their product. Which is a glimpse, into one soul’s freedom.

So if any editor or receivers of your art, has you questioning your piece or even believing that maybe you need to change it—please don’t listen.

One feedback moment shouldn’t shove your creative being in an inauthentic direction. It can happen and it can be tragic. The message can be lost on one person who is receiving and reviewing the piece, but that doesn’t mean the message within isn’t strong or able to be seen by the ones whom which it’s intended to reach.

The world needs all kinds of art.

It needs your art!

So to all you wonderfully unique and sacred creative beings, please don’t change your creative style.

For anyone.

Be you in all your glory.

It’s why you are here.

©Krissy VanAlstyne

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