• Krissy VanAlstyne

Sensitive Soul (poem)

Previously Published on—Thought Catalog

I’m a sensitive soul living, in an insensitive world.

A world that hurts, too much.

A world that denies love. And encourages fear.

Even of. love.

A world not built for me. But needs me.

I’m a sensitive soul; I hurt for the hurting. I bleed for the wounded. I cry for the sad. I feel for the numb.

I’m a sensitive soul; I show up for the delinquent. I stand brave for the scared. I remain open for the closed. I give for those who take.

I’m a sensitive soul; I find solitude comforting. Too much world time, can destroy me, and almost did.

It’s a battlefield, I’m the target, who’s not always armed well.

I’m a sensitive soul; I speak up, speak out, lend my voice, my heart, my strength.

I’m a sensitive soul; I know when you are lying, to me, to yourself. I know things I cannot explain. I feel. It’s who I am. Connected to pretty much, everything.

I’m a sensitive soul; I see and know too much sometimes. The pain and suffering, not always mine. I feel pain, like I feel love, deeply. An empath, they tell me.

I’m a sensitive soul; Who’s often misunderstood, dismissed confused anxious.

It’s not easy living in a world you don’t fit in.

I’m a sensitive soul; Tried to medicate, dim, numb, anything

to fit in.

But we cannot.

We were never meant to.

We are different.


To prepare us.

For we are sensitive souls; Born into a world we don’t fit in —fighting, to create a new one.

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