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Embodied Being - Soul Coaching

Symptoms of not embodying our soul's truth

  • ​Unable to express ourselves

  • People pleasing

  • Doing things we do not want to 

  • Saying yes when we want to say no 

  • Anxiety / Depression / Exhaustion 

  • Addictions

  • Alcoholism

  • Continued unhappiness

  • Unable to think clearly

  • Wondering what is wrong with us  

  • Needing others to make us happy

  • Blaming others for our life

  • Struggling with feeling different

  • Feeling too sensitive 

  • Feeling overwhelmed often

  • Feeling unfulfilled as a way of being

  • Feeling like something is missing 

  • Feeling confused about next moves

  • Feeling like there is more than this

  • Feeling like we want to go home

  • Feeling unheard

  • Feeling unloved

  • Feeling misunderstood

  • Feeling unworthy

  • Feeling shame

  • Feeling guilty 

  • Feeling not good enough

When you work with me, you will...
  • Find your voice and use it, consistently

  • Learn to place boundaries in your life

  • Stop needing to please other people

  • Own your power, fully

  • Gain a deeper connection to your body  

  • Think more clearly

  • Be present more often

  • Feel and know that you are worthy

  • Feel and know that you are loved

  • Learn that you are the answers you seek

  • Work with and release heavy feelings

  • Have healthy and supportive relationships 

  • Gain a deeper connection to spirituality

  • Not need other people to make you happy 

  • Feel a sense of flow happen around you

  • Be able to identify what is serving you

  • Witness anxiety and addictions shift

  • Become a sense of calmness and peace

  • Gain tools on how to deal with stress

  • Turn your sensitivities into a superpower

  • Better understand your self 

  • Better understand others

  • Become more connected to source

  • Learn about love in new ways

  • Live with greater purpose

  • Find your passions and live them

  • Live more authentically, every day

  • Understand how to work with fear

  • Unleash your truth, powerfully

  • Gain me on your team!

Does any of this sound familiar? 

It did to me, until I learned to embody my soul's truth and you can too!

 on a 1:1 Phone Call

to explore what is weighing you down.  

Lets get you living the life you were born to live.

Lets set you free!

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